We are so excited to bring you CUFF!

Meet Missi & Meredith, a mother-daughter duo with complimentary design and business experience who share a love for finding that perfect piece of furniture. Missi has always enjoyed blending traditional pieces with contemporary decor to design beautifully timeless rooms for the home and Meredith adds an expertise in strategic management and business development to create your ideal team!


With the demand for online shopping continually growing, a need for an online option featuring high-end, consigned furnishings was apparent. In 2023, CUFF was developed, which is an online store of curated fine furnishings sourced from beautiful homes. Since Missi & Meredith both resided in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the start of CUFF, the business was kept to their local market, allowing for savings through self pick-up or local delivery which differentiated them from their competitors. 

So, why Savannah?

As of 2024, Savannah is Missi’s new home. Because of CUFF’s success in Pittsburgh, Missi & Meredith saw an opportunity to bring it to Savannah. Savannah’s historic charm mixed with modern style allows for the perfect environment to introduce CUFF’s second official home!